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Although never particularly "against" firearms, Patricia & Mark never really owned any - despite the fact that Patricia's grandfather was a Marine, and Mark's father was on his High School rifle team. In about 2012, Patricia's best friend Brandi introduced her to firearms...and she's been hooked ever since. Her first experience at the range led to a round of training at Front Sight in Nevada, and then to IDPA, and then to the CalGuns Shooting Sports Association where she met the crew that runs Women on Target and was asked if she'd be interested in becoming an instructor and helping other women learn about firearm safety and marksmanship. Of course she did! 

After a few years of training and teaching, the idea for California Firearms Training was born. California is...unique in its treatment of firearms and sometimes it is a difficult climate to teach in. Patricia had the idea of offering training that is appropriate to the state - useful, practical, and relevant in a state that isn't terribly firearm friendly. 


  • Brandi Coy

    I've been shooting with Patti since 2013, she is a great instructor and will teach you what you need to know to be safe and have fun! Read More

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All of our instructors are NRA-certified.

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